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Claimed 'cursed' Parliamentary seat in Algerian elections kills two women winners

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The two Algerian MPs who died following winning the elections

By Iqbal Tamimi   

The fact that the majority of the new parliamentary seats in Algeria have been won by the ruling party has raised suspicions by the opposition. But this seems not  to be the only problem the party is facing.

It has been claimed that the women's seat is 'cursed', following the death of the two women who won the elections of the state of Djelfa. The interesting thing is both victims are members of the ruling party, the National Liberation Front.

Lawyer, Ilham Bin Saed, member of the National Liberation Front has died as a result of a traffic accident that occurred on the last day of the elections campaign, during the National Liberation Front Party candidates’ procession while heading for the "Sharef" municipality at state of Djelfa.

'Bin Saeed' died at hospital while she was receiving treatment, before enjoying her Parliamentary seat. The nation had another shock following news about the death of another woman candidate of the ruling party. 'Mariam Bohnafah Mahfoudhi', that died before announcing her winning of the second seat.

The sudden death of the two women, winning members of the ruling party, caused deep worries about the third woman winner of the parliamentary seat, Fatima Zahra Ben Hado.

According to the laws in force, the vacant positions of the two women who passed away must be filled by another two candidates from the list of candidate of the ruling party at Djelfa state.

Apart from the fraud charges the Parliament accused of, since the announcement of the results on the 11 th of May. The most important feature of the new legislative body is the fact that women have harvested one third of parliamentary seats, 148 seats out of a total of 462 seats. This occurs for the first time in the history of the country. Thanks to the amendments to the electoral law which imposes on the parties to include women by 30% in their electoral lists.

The number of women MPs at the Liberation Front is 68, followed by 23 at the National Democratic Assembly, then 17 from the Islamists' parties, and the rest are of different other parties.

Among the most prominent women winners of the membership of the Algerian Parliament, is Secretary General of the Algerian Workers' Party, the leftist Mrs. Louisa Hanoune, The Workers' Party is a Trotskyist political party , closely linked with the Workers' Party of France. Another prominent winner is Sheikh al-Qaradawi’s ex-wife, Asma’a bin Qadah, nominated by the ruling party.


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+1 #1 Ouarda Lebnane 2012-06-06 10:52
As an Algerian , for me ,it really seems to be the case ..With the serious division the FLN is now facing ,the future seems uncertain ….

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