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Back News Isreal is about to kill Palestinian soccer player

Isreal is about to kill Palestinian soccer player

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Women campaigning for the release of Palestinian national football champion Mahmoud Sarsak

 Women journalists from all over the Arab region, Palestinian supporters and international football fans are campaigning for the release of  Palestinian national football champion, Mahmoud Sarsak, detained by the Israeli authorities and on his 81 days hunger strike.

Right with the start of the European Football Championship the Palestinian national football team player, Mahmoud Sarsak, is facing death at the hands of Israel. His fans calls for an international community stand at tomorrow's opening of the UEFA event that should be turned into a day of protest against Israel’s Zionist policies.

Mahmoud Sarsak, 25 years old and a member of the Palestinian national football team, has been detained for nearly three years under Israel’s “Unlawful Combatants Law,” which allows for Palestinians from the Gaza Strip to be detained for an unlimited perioud of time without charge or trial. Those detained under the Statute have little or no legal protections, even less than those detained under administrative detention orders in the West Bank.

Mahmoud is currently on his 81^th day of hunger strike, resulting in an imminent threat to his life. Despite the urgency of his condition, the Israeli Prison Service (IPS) has denied Mahmoud access to independent doctors until today. The IPS also refuses to transfer him to a civilian hospital for proper treatment. Also of utmost concern is the condition of Akram Rikhawi, currently on his 57^th day of hunger strike and others on hunger strike including, Omar Abu Shalal, Hasan Safadi, Omar Abu Shalal, Kareem Yonis, Mohammad el-Taj, Jaafer Izzeddin, Faris Elnatour, and Abdallah Albarghuthy.

Protesters in Haifa demanding the release of Sarsak and other detainees on hunger strike

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