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Back News Egyptian Islamist MP accused of publicly breaching moral conducts

Egyptian Islamist MP accused of publicly breaching moral conducts

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Dr. Ali Wanees, Member of Egyptian Parliament

By Iqbal Tamimi

Egyptian Islamist MP has been caught by police with a veiled woman in what has been described as a breach of public moral conducts.

A new scandal might damage the reputation of political Islam in Egypt. It has been claimed, the Prosecutor at Toukh area, north of Cairo, summoned Dr. Ali Wanees, Member of Parliament for the 'Alasalah' Salafi Party, who was caught with a veiled woman in a car Thursday evening and accused of ‘breaching the moral conducts in a public place’.

The incident happened on the Cairo - Alexandria agricultural Road, close to city of Toukh in Qalliopiyah province.

A judicial official source revealed that the incident of catching the Member of Parliament and the woman who accompanied him, red handed, authorizes the public authority to take all measures to investigate the incident, including summoning and interrogation without the need to take action regarding lifting the parliamentary immunity.

The sources claim, there were two police officers patrolling the area when they spotted a car, brand Hyundai Matrixs, at 8:00pm, parked on the side of the agricultural way. They stopped to investigate the matter, to find a man and a woman in what they described as 'in a position that contradicts public morals'.  The moment they were arrested, the man told them that he was Dr. Ali Wanees, Member of Parliament. It has been reported that Dr Wanees has assaulted the police man physically and verbally.

The police identified the veiled woman as 'Nisreen R.'  who happens to be a 19 years old university student, studying Agriculture. Though she tried at first to mislead the police, offering them wrong information when she claimed she was studying at the Faculty of Quality Education. She denied at first that she was with the Salafi MP in the car but later she admitted that she was introduced to the Sheikh by one of her friends and that she contacted him first by telephone and they have met because she wanted to request of him some financial assistance for one of her friends.

The police officer reported the incident and informed the Public Prosecutor after releasing the Member of Parliament and the woman.

London based newspaper, Alquds, claims the Salafist MP contradicted his own words, it was reported that he claimed first that the woman was his fiancée, and later he claimed she was his niece and that she has lost concious and he was washing her face with water.

Following that, the people of Sheikh Wanees’s town, marched protesting against accusing him of committing an obscene act in public.  if the Sheikh was convicted, the new scandal may affect the reputation of the Salafist movement, which recently announced its support for Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Morsi.

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+1 #1 abo saleh 2012-06-17 01:44
He was caught applying "sharia law" :-*

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