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Women split on Gulf maternity leave policies

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Maternity-Photo by Iqbal Tamimi

Women in the UAE are split over whether working mothers should receive a longer period of paid maternity leave, with some critics warning employees could abuse child-friendly policies.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 23 November 2011 05:34

How was your Hajj? A survey of British Muslim experiences

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Do you Know anyone who has come back from Hajj?  Want to feed your experiences directly into a major national exhibition at the National British Museum in 2012- then please fill this survey and pass on to friends.

Seán McLoughlin Senior Lecturer in Religion, Anthropology and Islam

The survey is supervised by Seán McLoughlin, an Islamic Studies researcher from the University of Leeds studying British Muslim experiences of going for Hajj. This work will feed directly into an upcoming major exhibition on the Hajj at the British Museum in early 2012 –

Last Updated on Tuesday, 22 November 2011 10:35

Polygamy in Muslim communities of UK

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Cartoon by Jehan Mahmoud

Iqbal Tamimi

Polygamy in Muslim communities of UK is on the rise according to some British media which seems to know very little about Islam, exactly as some Muslims in UK who are ignorant about their own faith.

Last Updated on Thursday, 03 November 2011 14:35

Local UK Press and its Lack of Interest in Minorities

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Bristol City Council has  9000 employees (excluding teachers) of which 93% are white. Clearly the 7% percentage of ethnic minority employees doesn’t match the percentage of ethnic minorities living in Bristol.


the Evening Post

By Iqbal Tamimi

All subscribers of the Evening Post and those who are interested in their local news like my humble self, received an email about the ‘new look’ of the Bristol based Evening Post, along with a request to offer our feedback regarding how we see the new changes.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 19 October 2011 10:51

Why the Muslim women in the Middle East are doing better than their peers in UK?

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Why the Muslim women in the Middle East are doing better than their peers in UK?

By Iqbal Tamimi

According to Shari'ah’ law, Muslim women and men have the right to list down all their conditions on their marriage contracts, exactly as any two parties going into partnership in any field would do. Every woman has the right to annul her marriage if her husband breaches any of the conditions she listed on the marriage document. But the disappointing fact is, even though this is a God given right to women, the majority of Muslim men refuse to be part of it, and most Muslim women do not know about such right.

Last Updated on Thursday, 03 November 2011 10:15