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Saudi women inspired by American killer

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By Saudi cartoonist Rabeea

It seems that the story of the American woman, Omaima Aree Nelson, who chopped her husband, cooked him and eaten his flesh that was circulated the past few days has inspired Saudi women according to Saudi cartoonist Rabeea who created this cartoon.

In his cartoon  the woman, as usual, is overweight and ugly, setting with her heavy weight body on her husband’s while he is screaming of pain and fear, and his hands are tied up together.

While the wife is reading a recipe book entitled ‘Quick Recipes’ and the newspaper on the floor in front of her carries the headline ‘ An American woman killed her husband, cooked him and ate him’.

Of course, over many years of monitoring Saudi cartoons, I have never seen any cartoon that reflects Saudi women being inspired positively by American women.

It is also interesting to point out that if the news article was talking about a crime committed by someone, the news always finds a way of linking such atrocity to a Middle eastern country if possible. In this case, because the killer was only born in Egypt, the headlines came ' An Egyptian woman...' . Should Omaima happens to be a woman who invented something that would benefit mankind, or wrote a brilliant book or became a good musician, the title of any article of news about her will describe her as 'An American woman...'

SHAME on Albawaba for such unprofessional journalistic biased attitude.


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Last Updated on Tuesday, 04 October 2011 06:48


0 #1 Ahlam Akram 2011-10-07 11:50
this crime .. should not be taken lightly.. the question must be what are the circumstances that brought the woman to this level of insanity.. as I read they were married for a month only.. and he is about 30 years older..
to inspire others to commite such a crime .. is not the issue ..
the issue is what Arab women suffers from all their male spouses.. absence of equality between the genders.. absence of justice in court cases.. these are the issues which could prompt any woman to insanity ..

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