Things Around The House You Can Use Tea Bags For

You can find many amazing things around the house you can use in your day to day life and tea is one of them. There are plenty of amazing things you can use from tea bags for example. One of the most amazing things you can use tea in your day to day life is as a cleanser. Here are some amazing things you can do with tea as a cleanser.

Use tea as a mouthwash – You can use tea bags as a mouth rinse to clean your mouth after brushing your teeth. It will also clean your tongue and clean off any particles that get stuck in your mouth. This is an easy way to freshen up before you go to sleep for the night.

Use tea as a stain remover – You can use tea bags as a stain remover if you spill something on your table or your carpet. Most stains are caused by food, coffee or soda. All you have to do is wet a tea bag and place it over the stain you want to remove and it will suck all of the stain out of it. You can then either throw the bag away or use it over again to repeat the process.

Use tea as a deodorant – You can use tea as a deodorant by placing it over your clothes before you put them on. The great thing about tea is that it has antibacterial properties so it is great at cleaning up things like sweat. You don’t have to worry about the smell because you can just keep reusing the tea bags. You can also re-use the tea bags if you get too stained by the sweat from your workout. It will absorb the excess moisture, helping you to dry your skin.

Decorate with tea leaves – Decorating with tea bags can really make a difference to your home. Instead of using paint, stencils or anything else on your walls, you can use tea bags to draw art on your walls. You can then take the paint off of the wall once you are done with the art project. You will love the fact that you can make anything you want using tea bags instead of other materials.

There are so many amazing things around the house you can use tea bags for. If you use them for the things listed above you will surely enjoy the many benefits they offer. There are different types of tea available at any store, but you will definitely be amazed at how great some of the tea that is available can look. They are also easy to find. So start to use these wonderful little teas and create new designs that you will love to show off in your home.

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