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Back Herstory Herstory A video of Yemeni young woman sweating blood and producing tears of hard stones

A video of Yemeni young woman sweating blood and producing tears of hard stones

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Yemeni girl sweats blood and cries tears of stones

By Iqbal Tamimi

A televised report of a Yemeni young woman, 18 years old, shocked the audiences and baffled the medical experts. It can be watched on the attached video.

Saborah Hasan, a young woman in her twenties, from the city of Bajil of Hodeida district west of Yemen, on the same day she got married, 6 months ago, she started losing conscious for up to 4 hours, sweating blood and producing tears made of hard stones and sometimes of wool cotton, her ears shed sand and small stones as well and her tummy swells as if she was pregnant and about to give birth, that her groom divorced her.

Until this moment all the medical specialists she has been referred to, could not diagnose her illness since all medical tests shows she suffers no health conditions at all. They could not explain why Saborah, a name means in Arabic, very patient, sweats blood and when she cries she produces big stones similar to those that come out of her ears that she can’t sleep any more.

Saborah Hasan from Bajil in Yemen

When her widowed mother could not find an answer for her daughter’s suffering, she asked advise of Islamic clerks who said that they believe she is a victim of black magic. A similar case has been filmed in Egypt lately of another young woman suffering similar symptoms but the Egyptian young woman  claims  her body has been occupied  by a clan of Jinnies that she feels them and talks to them and see them. The interviews with both young women reflect very educated personalities who never believed in the hyper normal. Both are doing well at school and both are talented and from conservative families.

Saborah went back to school, but she still loses conscious at school for many hours. She is exhausted and she is calling for medical help, which seems unavailable for such cases in Yemen.

The interview with the Egyptian young woman for those who are interested in further investigation or research.

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